Saturday, April 24, 2010

Welcome to Altamont!

Welcome to Altamont, Illinois! We are your typical small Mid-West town. You can find us half-way between St. Louis, MO and Terre Haute, IN just off Interstate 70. Altamont was first organized as a town in 1871 and because of the Vandalia Railroad that ran through it, the town flourished. Many of the original families were German immigrants and the town retains some of that flavor. Historicaly, the Cumberland trail passed through the area which later became Route 40 and in the 1960's Interstate 70 was built just south of town allowing for successful "tourist" businesses, such as restaurants and motels. The town's motto is "small enough to care, large enough to serve". I hope if you have never been to Altamont that this site will induce you to stop as you pass by. And I hope if you used to live here, that this site will bring back some good memories that will hopefully bring you back to visit!

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