Friday, April 30, 2010

W.C. Klitzing Memorial Heritage Park

Klitzing Park, locally known as "the train" park was the site of the "old" school, the original wing being built in 1904 as a High School. A new wing was added in 1928, making it a combination Grade/High School. It became the Grade School exclusively when the "new" High School opened for the 1953/1954 school year. The last year the "old" school was used was for the 1975/1976 school year. It was demolished several years later and the ground was made into a park. Some of the play equipment is still being used--notice the monkey bars and the merry-go-round! The basketball court is still there, plus the tennis court, which is now used by skate-boarders.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

So We Don't Forget

Sign on Main Street put up by Brad and Linda Smith soon after the terrorist attacks.

Triangle Video

Triangle Video can be found on Rt. 40, next to Casey's. It has been owned and operated since 1994 by David and Kim (Corbin) Frailey. At one time a small diner owned by Charlie Davis sat on this spot. Kim offers $1 movies on Wednesdays, and a tanning booth in the back.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tip's Corner Tavern

Dave and Lisa (McCain) Tipsword have owned and operated Tip's Corner Tavern for nearly 18 years. The origanal tavern was built in the early 30's by Russell Armstrong, who sold it to Paul and Betty Bates in 1947. It was then known at Hyde Park Inn. They sold the business to Paul Williams in 1953, who in turn sold it to Wayne and Betty Evans, who ran it many years.

Although the official name of the tavern was B&W Tavern, many people knew it as "Boomer's".
Today, the Tipsword's have expanded the business by opening Tip's Discount Liquor and Tobacco in the neighboring building that used to house Schaal's Barbershop.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Savannah's Antique Mall

Altamont is becoming a favorite destination for Antiquers! Savannah's Antique Mall can be found on the corner of Main and Division, in the building that formerly housed S&W Supermarket and Young's AG before that. It's a well established antique store filled to the rafters with a wide assortment of treasures. Pour yourself a cup of coffee and stroll through the many booths available.

The store is owned by Steve and Darlene Koehler.

Monday, April 26, 2010

The Cookie Jar

Is it a little ironic that the former Dentist office is now a Bakery?! Many people remember Dr. Shaffer's office as not their favorite place to be, but these days one gets drawn in by the wonderful smell drifting out from the windows! The Cookie Jar is owned by Jim and Rhonda Stuckemeyer where they feature hand decorated cakes and cookies, plus a wide assortment of other baked goods. Open most Mondays through Saturdays.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

State Farm

The State Farm office, ran by Dan Lutz, is presently in the building we used to know as Ben Franklins. His wife, Joan, is a talented artist who paints seasonal pictures in the front and side windows. More of her work can be found inside!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Triangle

Our town center is "The Triangle", unlike most towns "town square". The pavilion is host to many "Pork Burger" and bake sales throughout the summer. It's a nice place to sit and visit. The local Garden Club does a fantastic job of landscaping.

Veterans Memorial

The Veterans Memorial can be found at Union Cemetery on the north end of town. Each year the VFW holds a Memorial Day Ceremony here. It's very lovely and very moving.

Schmidt Park

Schmidt Park is the largest and oldest of Altamont's 3 parks. Last summer cement walk-ways were constructed, making it easier to take a stroll!

Although the "Marshmallow" is no more, the horses and the old blue slide are still here!

Welcome to Altamont!

Welcome to Altamont, Illinois! We are your typical small Mid-West town. You can find us half-way between St. Louis, MO and Terre Haute, IN just off Interstate 70. Altamont was first organized as a town in 1871 and because of the Vandalia Railroad that ran through it, the town flourished. Many of the original families were German immigrants and the town retains some of that flavor. Historicaly, the Cumberland trail passed through the area which later became Route 40 and in the 1960's Interstate 70 was built just south of town allowing for successful "tourist" businesses, such as restaurants and motels. The town's motto is "small enough to care, large enough to serve". I hope if you have never been to Altamont that this site will induce you to stop as you pass by. And I hope if you used to live here, that this site will bring back some good memories that will hopefully bring you back to visit!