Wednesday, December 31, 2014

RIP Blue Mound Tavern

I took a pilgrimage to the site of the (former) Blue Mound Tavern yesterday. I say pilgrimage because it truly felt like one! Although it wasn't formally in Altamont, it was a part of us, and our history.
I spent many an evening there in my younger days. We have truly lost a landmark! The building was old (80 years, I heard) and there was probably no chance of saving it.
The twisted metal kind of twisted at my stomach. Seeing what was left of the tables and chairs, thinking "that was the one I sat at last time I was here" made me a bit melancholy.
When I was a kid, occasionally Dad took us in and bought us a soda on Sunday afternoons (a friend of his owned it in those days) and then once I was legally old enough to drink we ended weekend evenings there when the "in town bars" closed.
I had only gone out a handful of times over the course of the last few years, but it was one of my favorite places. May we always remember it fondly.

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